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Rapid Assembly Containment System

Strad offers a superior secondary containment system called the SuperBerm® that acts as a safeguard to hold and prevent contamination from accidental spills or leaks on project sites. The SuperBerm® is highly durable and a quality safeguard system. SuperBerm® is needed in all types of resource plays. Some companies supply plastic or metal systems that are easily torn or damaged, while others may use nothing and rest equipment directly on the earth; these solutions are high risk for ground and water contamination.

With all industries facing increasing pressure to minimize environmental impact and increase safety on site, spill and containment systems are needed to meet government environmental standards to protect the ground and water systems.


  • Strad’s SuperBerm® is constructed with four main pieces. Each steel wall and interlocking corner is joined together
  • Strad installs the SuperBerm® using a picker or a loader
  • Typical berm packages come with one or two stairs, two 150 lb wheeled fire extinguishers and an invert road crossing

SuperBerm® Advantages

The SuperBerm® is a proprietary, innovative design that no other oilfield service company manufactures. The SuperBerm® is highly durable and a quality safeguard system. With only four pieces to the entire system, Strad is able to quickly set up and take down the SuperBerm®, saving time and money. All set up is handled by a qualified Strad field technician.

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