In the Community

Strad believes in going beyond to strengthen the areas we live and work in. By becoming a partner in the social and economic development of our communities, Strad and its employees can make a difference. The Company also endorses and encourages its employees to participate in their local neighborhoods over and above company initiatives, through tangible financial and time support.

Criteria for support:

  • Based within and serving a Strad community
  • Organization or event that supports or benefits youth
  • Registered charity which is eligible to issue official tax receipts, or an established not-for-profit community association
  • Not on behalf of a political, lobbyist or special interest group

Areas we support:

  • Education, culture and the arts
  • Youth and family initiatives
  • The environment
  • Local youth athletics
  • Community leadership and development

Indigenous Relations

Strad believes that Indigenous communities should benefit from economic activity occurring on reserve lands and traditional land use areas. One of Strad’s initiatives is to increase the local community and Indigenous participation in our operations.

Strad’s Indigenous Relations Program also provides business and employment opportunities, equity participation and economic benefit. Our goal is for local community-based businesses to have the opportunity to jointly provide their services to the various industries Strad works within.