Health, Safety & Environment

The only way to work

“Strad is committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment for all workers as well as the general public. It is our policy to conduct all operations safely and in a manner that will prevent injuries to persons as well as protect against damage to property and the environment.”
- Rob Grandfield, Founder & Director

Strad's Safety Philosophy

  1. All employees share a common responsibility to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses
  2. Safety and health is [assessed as] part of every employee’s total job performance
  3. Working safely is the only way to work
  4. Trained employees are essential to prevent personal injuries, accidents and protect the environment

Certifications and Memberships


Certificate of Recognition (COR) safety status is a high priority, as part of Strad’s Healthy, safety & Environment (HSE) platform. COR is a voluntary program with status being awarded to petroleum industry companies who have a health and safety program that meets approved industry standards.

Strad Oilfield Rentals - British Columbia
Strad Oilfield Rentals - Alberta

Industry Memberships

Strad is continuously striving to meet operational excellence in the industries we serve. Our team works with the following organizations to ensure that we meet regulatory requirements and conform to mandates that have been established by the industry.

  • IS Networld
  • Complyworks
  • PICS
  • PSAC