Strad Rebrands Indigenous Relations Program: Enigok

Posted on Oct 24, 2022

Calgary, October 24, 2022 – Strad Inc. announced its rebranded Indigenous Relations program, Enigok.

In the spirit of reconciliation, Strad is pleased to introduce our rebranded Indigenous Relations program, Enigok (EE-n-ih-gook).

In developing this newly branded program, Strad aims to amplify its commitment to and belief in Indigenous Relations as an enduring component of our core purpose, Going Beyond. Our team demonstrates this belief each day they are on the job, and we have decided to highlight our commitment by officially renaming our Indigenous Relations program ‘Enigok’, an Ojibway word meaning “Going Beyond.”

Enigok exemplifies Going Beyond through strategic partnerships supporting Indigenous communities’ diverse priorities. We seek to cultivate authentic, meaningful, and mutually beneficial long-term relationships with the Indigenous Peoples that relate to our operations.

About Strad

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