Lyle Wood


Lyle joined the company in 2016 through the Redneck Oilfield Services and Raptor Oilfield Services acquisitions. To date, Lyle has had a broad and extensive oilfield services career within the Canadian oil and gas industry spanning over 25 years.

His roles in the oil patch have ranged from sales to key executive roles for various oilfield services companies. Early in his career in 1996, he founded his first business, a vac truck company, in Fort St. John, BC. By 1999, Lyle had also acquired Inland Pressure Testers (1999) Inc., a BOP pressure testing company. He combined the two businesses and served as President and Chief Executive Officer until 2005 when the businesses were sold. In 2007, Lyle founded the rentals company, Redneck Oilfield Services Ltd., and served as President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2012, he also acquired a controlling interest in Raptor Oilfield Services Ltd., a drill cuttings management and invert recovery business which he oversaw until 2016 when it was sold to Strad along with Redneck Oilfield Services. Lyle served on the Strad Board of Directors from 2016 to 2020.

Today, Lyle is President of Strad, managing an extensive portfolio of customers and advising the company on growth strategies. He also continues to invest in a variety of private companies and real estate opportunities and is an active member within his community.

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