3 Ways to Avoid Remote Access Issues

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

When the temperature starts rising after a cold winter the ground gets soft or muddy and wood mats, access mats, and swamp mats become the answer for access concerns on the job and protecting the ground below.

Securing a matting company to mat your project can be as a simple as picking up the phone, but there are a couple of things to consider to ensure a successful matting job this season:

1. Plan Early (if you can…)

Matting is the first item needed on a project but often one of the last pieces of equipment to be booked. Typically, mats are ordered just a few days before install but a good tactic with any project where you can plan your matting before you are stuck in a rut (literally) can help ensure you lock down the best price before demand peaks and suppliers start selling out.

2. Bigger is better

Lots of companies claim to have matting, but not all matting fleets are created equal. A good question to ask when searching for matting is to inquire with suppliers on their project type experience, the size of their matting fleet and product availability. Projects can go from 100 to 1000 mats quickly and you want to ensure you are working with a company that can meet your needs if Mother Nature pulls a fast one.

3. Experience is King

No two matting projects are the same and time is a critical aspect for projects to stay on track. Knowing the matting crew handling your project is skillful is not an aspect to be underestimated. An experienced matting team that knows the product and how to mobilize and demobilize quickly in a variety of conditions can help ensure a smooth install process and keep timelines on track.

Spring can be a rough season, but finding a great matting partner doesn’t have to be. Knowing a couple of the right questions to ask when calling around can help you rest easier and help ensure your project is on solid ground.