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Agitator Tanks

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Strad's agitator tanks are ideal for storing extra drilling fluids with different viscosities. Our surface tanks' high-volume, open-top and numerous compartments provide the versatility to multi-task and act as emergency storage on your drill site.

Agitator Tank Specifications


95m3 / 600 BBLS / 25,096 US gallons

3 compartments: 15' long x 12' wide x 6.5' tall


52' long x 12' wide x 11' tall

3 compartments: 31.8m3 / 200 BBL / 8,400.6 US gallons

Agitator Tank Features

  • 3 x 480 volt, 7.5 HP agitators
  • 3 x Sew Euro drive model # RF87DV132S4C each have a 36" agitating paddle
  • 2 x large pump cranes.
  • 3 x 110 volt, 400-watt metal halide lights
  • 4" and 6" suction and 4" discharge
  • Streamline – surface tanks come with a 2" streamline that is both sloped and angled for drainage. Connection is a 2" fig. 200 male and female (in and out) these can be converted into a 1" fig. 200 connection if needed.
  • The main advantage of a surface tank is high volume with minimal service requirements.
  • Open-top surface tanks are extremly versatile.

Agitator Tank Power Requirements

  • 1 x 30Amp 3W4P 480 volt to run 3 agitators, 150' of supply cable.
  • 1 x 15Amp 120 volt cord to run the 3 x 250 watt metal halide light fixtures, 150' of supply cable.
  • Metal halide light info 250 watt fixtures, M58 bulbs, model #E16636.

Agitator Tank Plumbing

  • Surface tank has 1 x 4" goose neck fill line with a female cam lock as well as a 4" and 6" drain line on either end of the tank, and a 4" drain line on the side of the tank for each compartment.
  • All drain lines are equipped with a butterfly valve and dust caps.
  • The surface tank has a 4" discharge line to the rig that comes with a male cam lock.
  • Each compartment has a 4" discharge line and a 4" suction line with a female cam lock.
  • Surface tanks' open-top design allows you to lower a 4" submersible pump into a compartment using the supplied jib crane. Then you can connect to the compartment's 4" suction line with a hose to circulate fluid through the compartments or transfer it to the desired location.

Agitator Tanks Advantages

Strad rents high-volume (600 BBL), open-top agitator tanks with three compartments.

Tanks are built with dual access to entrance stairs and the escape ladder for added safety.

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