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Strad offers three sizes of centrifuges in order to meet the needs of each unique solids control operation. Strad's centrifuge fleet consists of Alfa Laval Lynx 20's, Lynx 40's, Lynx 400's, Lynx 500's and 1488's. All of Strad's Lynx 20's, 40's, 400's and 500's feature VFD controls allowing virtually limitless operational parameters to suite a variety of conditions. The ability to accurately vary the speed of the bowl, conveyor and feed pump makes it possible to optimize the centrifuges' performance on a variety of drilling fluids throughout the drilling cycle. 1448 centrifuges are available in a variety of configurations including fixed drive models.

These different size bowls play a key role in top quality solids control processes by removing solids from different mud viscosities at variable speeds. The high speed decanting centrifuges also play a large part in the closed-loop system.

Centrifuge Specifications: Small - Mid-size Bowl

Bowls:   Small Bowl   Mid-size Bowl
Model:   Strad 1448 VFD   Strad Lynx 20 VFD
Size: lxwxh   102"x75.6"x60"   156"x37"x67"
Dry Weight:   6,945 lbs   5,290 lbs
Max. Speed:   3300 rpm   4000 rpm

Centrifuge Specifications: Big Bowl

Bowls:   Big Bowl Big Bowl
Model:   Strad Lynx 40 VFD Strad Lynx 400 VFD
Size: lxwxh   206"x47"x52" 191"x42"x54"
Dry Weight:   11,000 lbs 7,050 lbs
Max. Speed:   3650 rpm

4000 rpm


Bowls:   Big Bowl
Model:   Strad Lynx 500 VFD
Size: lxwxh   220"x45"x63"
Dry Weight:   9,920 lbs
Max. Speed:   3250 rpm

Small Bowl Features

  • Fixed drive
  • High speed
  • High G-Force
  • Capable of 3 micron cut point at over 300 rpm

Mid-size Bowl Features

  • Simple and compact design
  • Efficient particle separation and fine solids removal
  • Automatic, low maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Reliable and durable
  • Versatile with all mud types

Big Bowl Features

  • Large bowl
  • Efficient solids recovery and particle separation
  • Waste volumes reduced
  • High volume capacity
  • Higher G-Force
  • Specially designed bowl geometry. Usual bowl speeds are up to 3650 rpm but the G-Force is anywhere from 300 to 3574 G.
  • Full torque control
  • Increased centrate clarity
  • Different power pack designs to suit the operation

Centrifuges Advantages

Strad's solids control and waste management solutions are the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge systems. Strad's Solids Control team will help you design the optimal solution the first time. We use top of the line equipment and provide 24/7/365 service, making your program a success.

Strad's equipment meets all environmental practices and standards, minimizing environmental impact.

Strad's fleet of centrifuges maximizes particle separation through variable speeds in order to provide superior service.

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