Enviro Vac Building

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Simplified environmental equipment storage

Strad's enviro vac buildings are designed to store portable vacuum system, pressure washers and sample washer for cleaning up project site spills, plus two fire extinguishers. All portable vacuum maintenance and start-up procedures are posted in environmental storage buildings. Initial set-up of the structure is completed by a certified Strad service technician.


  • Portable vacuum system
  • Pressure washers
  • Sample washer
  • Two 150 lb fire extinguishers
  • 15 Kw FX5 electric heater
  • Two dual 4' florescent light fixtures inside
  • Two 250 watt metal halide light fixtures outside
  • Pneumatic or 120 volt sample washer
  • Vacuum, pressure washer, fire extinguisher and sample washers are all removable
  • Different size buildings are available (8', 20', 40', etc.)

Enviro Vac Building Advantages

Strad can assist in environmental stewardship on site by providing an enviro vac building that has all your necessary cleanup products for any potential drill site spill. Environmental storage buildings are built and maintained by certified Strad service technicians.

Size 23' L x 8' W x 8'6" H
Weight 8,200 lbs
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