Wood Mats

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Uncompromising functionality with environmental protection

Strad wood mats are the optimal economical solution where environmental protection of using matting products needs to be balanced with cost efficiency. Strad’s wood matting fleet consists of durable woods such as solid oak, solid fir, and fir hybrid.

Our wood matting solution is a high quality three-ply access mat that is a cost-effective alternative to steel-framed rig mats and matting board products. Wood mats work well to protect sensitive terrain from damage, reducing reclamation costs and lowering transport costs without compromising basic functionality.

Wood Mat Features

  • Strad's premium three-ply bolted access mats are constructed using 100% #2 Douglas Fir, solid top, solid core design.
  • Strad's high quality traditional three-ply bolted mats are constructed using fir, oak or a combination of both and have a grooved top. solid core design.

Wood Mat Advantages

  • Wood mats are a more durable, cost-effective option to steel-framed access matting and rig mats.
  • The fir hybrid wood mats are high quality fir with side oak boards.
  • The carriage-bolted design makes wood mats durable and the most economical matting option.
  • Strad's Environmental and Access Matting team is the most efficient crew for site set-ups and teardowns.
  • Steel-framed mat design comes with with pipe ends or patented interlocking ends.
Wood Access Mats
Size 8’ x 14’
Weight 1,750 lbs (per solid fir mat)
Load Capacity 32,000 lbs/sq. ft.
Industrial Matting


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