Drill Cuttings and Invert Recovery

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Lower clean up costs, better HSE

Drill cuttings management and invert recovery saves time by helping to simplify projects and puts safety and environment first. Using an experienced drill cuttings management team means the safe and proper handling of waste and also frees up rig crews from operating loaders.

With Strad, clean up costs are reduced by eliminating the spread of solidification agent and invert across the lease. Strad can also optimize the solidifying agent to cuttings ratio, helping to reduce costs in materials as well as the overall volume of waste sent for disposal. Lastly, Strad can monitor and ensure transport trucks are filled to capacity to help reduce extra hauling costs for the operator.

Drill cuttings management and invert recovery services will help to save time, money and reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations.

Drill Cuttings Management & Invert Recovery Features:

  • Experienced operators on-site free up rig crews from running loaders
  • Highest level of safety with experienced operators 
  • Proper measurement of cuttings to solidifying agent ratio, with minimal waste
  • Minimized clean up costs by eliminating the tracking of solidifying agent and invert across the lease
  • Monitoring of transport truck loads to reduce extra and unnecessary hauling costs
  • Provides additional support on-site to unload and load trucks (pallets, pipe, etc.)
  • On-site service, 24 hours a day

Drill Cuttings & Invert Recovery Advantages

Strad has the capability to manage and recover drill cuttings with the use of heavy duty equipment alongside surface equipment rentals and trucking services.

Strad's drill cuttings management and invert recovery system provides an opportunity to simplify your projects, save time and money, as well as puts safety and the environment first. Our drill cuttings management effectively reduces the HSE footprint of drilling operations and creates efficiencies with trained operators on-site.

Strad services and maintains all of our equipment for optimal performance in the field and provides on-site service 24 hours a day.

1 or 2 heavy equipment operators
A 12 to 25 tonne excavator (track hoe)
Two 80m³ shale bin (4 sided)
Two 25m³ shale bin (4 sided)
Necessary attachments for unloading trucks and moving pipe
Optional equipment includes:
Shale dryer system
Shale augers
Drag beam
100m³ shale bin (4 sided)
High or low-sided shale bins (3 sided)
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