Rob Grandfield

Director and Founder

Rob is a founder and Chairman of Strad and has spent the past 40 years in various energy service operations. Prior to Strad, Robert was a co-founder and COO of Jiro Oilfield Supply Ltd. and following that he was the founder and President of Jiro Compression Ltd.

In 1999, Jiro sold to Enhanced Energy Services and Robert served as COO and Director and then continued on in the role of Vice President of Compression when the company sold to Enerflex. During this period from 1988 – 2002, the annual company sales grew from 2 million to over 60 million.

In 2003, Robert was a co-founder and a Board Member of Root Exploration Ltd. until the company sold to Scollard Energy Inc. in 2006. Robert is active in a variety of private investment companies and private real estate investment companies as well he has been a director of several local community organizations.