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400 BBL Tanks

*Products may vary by region.

Strad's 400 BBL tanks are ideal for storing fluids at your well sites and tank farms. We supply and rent customizable invert systems, upright tanks and portable tanks.

400 BBL Storage Tank Specifications


400 BBL / 63m3 / 16,642.8 US gallons


24' long x 12' wide x 13' tall


13,500 lbs

400 BBL Storage Tank Features

  • All 400 BBLs storage tanks are sloped bottoms and a steam coil.
  • Fluid storage, upright and portable tanks are equipped with fall arrests to meet safety requirements (CSA approved).
  • Optional to have 400 BBL storage tanks lined.
  • Tanks include an external gauge system that displays the current fluid levels.
  • 4 or 5 - 4" valves with flanges, plugs and chains.
  • 1 x 3" down comer line "fill line".
  • 400 BBL storage tanks are ideal for tank farms.

400 BBL Storage Tank Options

  • Storage tanks can come insulated (R12 metal clad bonded to tanks).
  • Insulated tanks also have an option for electric heating using a 36" electric element that installs the upper 4" inlets.
  • Storage tanks use a 30 amp 3W4P plug and come with an adjustable thermostat located beside the fluid gauge.
  • Agitatir/gun lines can be added.

400 BBL Tanks Advantages

Strad's 400 BBL tanks offer a reduced footprint due to their vertical stature. This provides customers with more flexibility when it comes to tank farm storage space because you are not restricted by size.

Strad has the capability to manage the installation and decommissioning of large tank farms, including the logistics involved with transporting fluids and heavy equipment.

Strad also offers insulated tanks that are equipped with electric heaters for extreme environments.

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