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Floc Tanks

*Products may vary by region.

Strad's floc tanks are ideal for the storage of fluids such as contaminated water and invert mud systems, with the option of three to four compartments to handle our customers' drilling fluid needs. Floc tanks are supplied with an open top to allow operators to keep an eye on floc conditions and levels.

Floc Tank Specifications

Volume       56m3 / 350 BBLs / 14,675 gal
Size       48' 3/4" long x 12' wide x 12'-9 1/32" tall
Weight       19802 lb

Floc Tank Features

  • 3 - 4 fluid compartments used for mixing.
  • 117 BBL / 18.6m3 of fluid per compartment.
  • 2" sloped steam line and a jib crane located in the outer compartments.
  • 4" suction line out of the top of each compartment.
  • 4" drain line out of the bottom of each compartment.
  • 4" collars and plugs are located inside each compartment and come out of each end of the tank for cleaning purposes.
  • 10" air unions are used to join multiple tanks together and are locatd on each end wall and 2 on the side wall by the walkways.

Floc Tanks Advantages

Strad's open top floc tanks allows operators to easily assess their fluid conditions. In situations where there are harmful gases or strong odors coming from the fluid, Strad can supply a surface cover with the rental of a floc tank.

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