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Shale Bins

*Products may vary by region.

Strad’s shale bins are made of heavy-duty industrial steel. Our high, low and four sided bins are designed to hold all types of drill cuttings and solid waste generated on drill sites.

Shale Bin Specifications


        High Sided

        Low Sided

   Side Wall

Slope Wall


  40'l x 10.5'w x 8't   

  30'l x 10.5'w x 4't   

  27'6"l x 7'8"w x 4'5"t   

  40'l x 11'3"w x 4't   

  40'l x 12'w x 8't

  40'l x 10.5'w x 4't

  29'10"l x 8'7"w x 4"t


Four Sided Shale Bin Specifications


           Four Sided


  40' 1 3/4" long x 11' wide x 6' high


  65m3 / 545 BBL / 17,171 US gallons 


  26,500 lbs

Shale Bin Features

Shale Bins are available in both high sided and low sided designs, and various lengths and widths.

  • High sided shale bin
  • Low sided shale bin
  • Four sided shale bin
  • Sloped side wall
  • Centrifuge combo stand

*Custom sizes are available based on contract terms.

Shale Bins Advantages

The thickness of the steel-plate prevents warping and makes Strad's shale bin one of the strongest designs in the marketplace.

The four sided shale bin is ideal for complete containment of drilling by products and limits onsite contamination.

Service and maintenance on shale bins is offered and conducted by a qualified Strad field technician.

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