Strad Energy

Potable Water Storage Shed

Strad's potable water storage sheds are designed to keeep more fresh water on-site. With potable water storage on location, customers reduce the frequency of trucks hauling water to site. This can be a cost savings when it comes to transportation as well as increases safety with fewer trucks on the road.

Features & Specifications

Each 2200 gallon shed comes with:

  • 2200 gallon tank
  • Insulated and heated building, 2 baseboard heaters
  • 1 x 30Amp twist lock plug with 100' of cord
  • 2" fill and drain lines
  • 1/4" drain valve on pump
  • 100' of 2" lay flat hose

Each 4100 gallon shed comes with:

  • 4100 gallon tank
  • Insulated and heated building
  • 2 x 30Amp twist lock cords, 100' each, 1 for the pump and lights and 1 for the heater
  • 2" fill and drain lines
  • Single pump
  • Pump on/off switch
  • 1" drain on pump
  • 200' of 2" lay flat hose
  • Replacement valves for tank and pump discharge



2200 gallon      

20'L x 9'7"W x 8'H

4100 gallon

22'L x 11'W x 9'8"H       

Potable Water Storage Shed Advantages

Keeping potable water storage sheds on-site means fewer trucks on the road which in turn keeps costs down, and increases safety.

Strad services and maintains all of our equipment for optimal performance in the field, and provides on-site service around-the-clock.

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