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Environmental Product Container

*Products may vary by region.

Strad's portable environmental product containers help you keep spill clean up materials readily accessible. Enviro product containers come outfitted with all of the standard oil and chemical spill containment equipment, including an emergency boom system to prevent and catch chemical spills from contaminating the surrounding environment. Strad's environmental containers are available for rent or purchase.

Environmental Product Containers Come With

  • Spill clean up materials: absorbent matting and pads.
  • Safety goggles, gloves, disposal bags and drum.
  • An emergency boom system to prevent spills from spreading.
  • Interior matting in foot-traffic areas to prevent site contaminants from seeping through to the flooring.

Environmental Product Container Advantages

Strad provides portable environmental product containers to help make your onsite cleanup easy and efficient. All enviro product containers come supplied with the materials necessary to clean up spills and respond to onsite emergencies.

Strad's team restocks and services environmental product containers.

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