Surface Equipment Solutions

Strad is always ready to support your project from start to finish with an extensive line up of Surface Equipment solutions. Our team specializes in equipment rentals and fluid management systems; such as the set up and take down of tank farms. Strad will coordinate all logistics for the transportation of fluids and equipment rentals. Strad’s experienced team is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing quality products, first rate service and developing custom solutions for any job.

Strad is proud to say all its products meet or exceed North American safety and environmental government regulations. Strad takes environmental stewardship seriously, from product deployment to waste disposal and site cleanup, Strad's line of products work to minimize environmental impact while still maximizing project results and meeting operational excellence.
Below is a listing of Strad’s key surface equipment, click to find out more about each product.

Upright 400 BBL storage tanks. 400 BBL Tanks
Skidded light tower - Frontier Unit Light Towers
Strad rents premix tanks with an optional hydraulic canopy. Premix Tanks
Glycol heaters are designed to be a reliable and cost effective heating option for surface equipment pieces on your well-site. Glycol Heaters
Strad's potable water storage shed offers a solution to hauling potable water by storing it on-site. Potable Water Storage Shed
High sided shale bins are ideal for containing drill cuttings and solid waste. Shale Bins
Our wellsite trailers offer spacious working and living areas for your comfort. Wellsite Trailers
Tank farms, invert systems or mud storage systems, are comprised of a grouping of key equipment to properly contain fluids and drilling waste on site. Tank Farms
Strad offers 400 BBL tanks that can come insulated and heated. 400 BBL Insulated Tanks
Agitator tanks come with dual access to the entrance stairs and escape ladder for safety. Agitator Tanks
117 BBL / 18.6m<sup>3</sup> of fluid per compartment. Floc Tanks
20m<sup>3</sup> flare tank with a three stack unit. Flare Tanks
Strad safety walkways provide great traction/grip for workers when conditions are wet or slippery. Safety Walkways
The horizontal storage tank orientation is a much safer&nbsp;option by&nbsp;reducing the need to climb the stack. 600 BBL Single Wall Horizontal Tanks
500 BBL double wall horizontal tanks store invert and base oil. 500 BBL Double Wall Horizontal Storage Tank
Designed to transfer light water and fluids Pumps - Flygt, Trash, Tsurumi
Strad's portable vacuum system. Portable Vacuum Systems
3" x 2" and 4" x 3" space saver models. Transfer Pumps - Invert, Silicate, Diesel
Strad's SuperBerm&reg; provides secure containment around 400 BBL/600 BBL tanks in case of an accidental spill or leak onsite. SuperBerm®
Strad's generators are remote 35 kW to 100 kW power sources. Generators - 35 kW to 100 kW, 3 Phase Power
Double 100 kW Generator Generators - Double & Single 100 kW
Enviro vac buildings contain a roughneck heater, service crane for easy maintenance, removable vacuum system, sample washer, pressure washer and fire extinguishers. Enviro Vac Building
Strad provides portable road crossings in remote locations to protect pipes, wires, lines and hose where they crossover roadways. Road Crossings / Invert Line Crossing
A portable environmental container to hold your spill clean-up materials. Environmental Product Container