Solids Control & Waste Management

Strad understands that solids control is a vital part of any modern drilling operation, and choosing the right solids control and waste management system can make or break a drilling project. Our solutions are the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge solids control and waste management systems that will improve overall site management, reduce costs and improve safety measures. Strad’s systems are flexible, innovative and proven to meet the needs of each unique drilling program.

Our solids control and waste management operations are comprised of centrifuges, shakers and a wide range of surface equipment products. Click below to find out more about each product.

Strad's linear motion drying shakers have a small footprint on-site. Linear Motion Drying Shaker
Mobile Dewatering Unit.jpg Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering Unit
High Velocity VFD Centrifuge Centrifuges
An experienced drill cuttings management team means the safe and proper handling of waste. Drill Cuttings & Invert Recovery