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Wood Mats

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Strad is committed to helping develop North America’s resources responsibly and safely. To do this, Strad has continually worked to provide customers with superior solutions and services in the energy industry. Strad’s Environmental and Access Matting Solution is just one area where we have made a name for ourselves as the global leader for innovative and reliable matting products and services. Constantly challenging the status quo, Strad continues to provide advances in design, terrain adaptive features and construction materials that increase safety, protect sensitive terrain and reduce reclamation costs.

Strad understands the need to keep costs under control on a project while still offering the environmental protection of using matting products. Our wood mats are the optimal economical solution. Our fleet is comprised of a variety of durable woods such as solid oak, solid fir and fir hybrid.

Our wood matting products are a high quality three ply access mat solution that is a great cost effective option to steel-framed rig mats and matting board products. Wood mats are effective and work well to protect sensitive terrain from damage, reducing reclamation costs and lowering transport costs.

Strad is pleased to offer our wood mats for purchase, rent or lease.

Wood Access Mats Specifications


8' x 14'


1750 lbs / mat (solid fir)

Load Capacity

32,000 lbs / sq ft

Wood Access Mats Features

  • Strad's premium wood mats are constructed with a 3-ply, solid core, carriage-bolted design.
  • Strad's wood mats come constructed with either solid oak or fir.  There is also a fir hybrid option that is a combination of fir with the addition of oak side boards.

Wood Mats Advantages

Wood mats are a more durable, cost effective option to steel-framed access matting and rig mats.

The fir-hybrid wood mats are designed with a high quality fir with side oak boards.

The carriage-bolted design makes wood mats durable and the most economical matting option.

Strad's Environmental & Access Matting team is the most efficient crew for setups and tear downs of sites.

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