Strad Energy

Mobile Mat Washing Unit

Strad provides a closed-loop mat washing system to combat strict environmental concerns customers may have when renting mats or moving them from one site to the next. This state-of-the-art portable mat washing unit is capable of cleaning a variety of mats such as crane mats, wood mats, and rig mats that may be anywhere from 4 feet wide to 40 feet long.

Level 1 - Mechanical Cleaning

  • Minimal standard for mats that soil or plant materials may adhere to
  • Removes dust, soil, and plant materials by scraping, brushing, sweeping or using compressed air to blow off all the visible remaining soil or plant materials
  • Adequately completing a Level 1 Mechanical Cleaning requires that all visible soils and plant materials be physically removed from accessible surfaces
  • Typically completed in dry or dusty conditions where soil accumulations are light

Level 2 - Washing

  • Thoroughly wash the mats with a pressure washer to remove all remaining plant materials and soil particles
  • Adequately completing Level 2 Washing requires focusing on removing soil particles from surfaces of items where soil particles may accumulate
  • Typically completed in wet or muddy conditions when soil accumulation is heavier

Level 3 - Disinfection

  • Should occur after all soil and plant debris is removed
  • Requires spraying all accessible surfaces that contact soil with a 2% bleach solution
  • All surfaces must be kept moist for 15 minutes to allow the disinfectant to destroy clubroot
  • Level 3 should follow either a Level 1 Mechanical Clean or a Level 2 Wash

Mobile Mat Washing Unit Advantages

When working in sensitive environments, our Mobile Mat Wash Unit is a great solution to clean your mats and help stop the spread of noxious weeds or soil disease. Our mat washer allows you to pick the appropriate level of cleaning specific to your site conditions. It can also help disinfect your mats prior to moving from one parcel to another.

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