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XLT® Mats

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Strad’s newest mat on the market is the XLT®. Its composition is kiln dried fir lumber fastened with custom length specific carriage bolts and 1” serrated flanged nuts. It is a lighter weight mat compared to other access mats out there but is much stronger with a greater load carrying capacity. Tripping hazards are eliminated with no gaps between top 14’ boards. Due to the solid top high quality surface, the mat reduces the risk of noxious weed contamination.

These mats can be used for access roads, pipeline crossings, construction, camps, tank farms, drill sites, completion sites, environmentally sensitive applications and muskeg.

Our Manufacturing team follows strict quality control processes to optimize and improve daily mat production.

XLT® Mat Specifications

Size        8’ x 14’
Thickness        4.5”
Weight        1345 lbs / 611 kgs
Composition        Fir core
Format        Solid top & center
Load Capacity        32,000 lbs / sq ft 

XLT® Mat Features

  • Kiln dried high grade 2’ x 8’ fir lumber
  • Custom solid top 14’ boards
  • Custom solid center 8’ boards
  • Unique bottom 14’ board layout
  • Lightweight but very strong
  • Top outside edge boards inset 3/8”
  • New beveled bottom edge 14’ boards
  • Minimal and controlled depth countersinking
  • All bolt holes drilled perpendicular
  • Custom length specific carriage bolts
  • Bolt heads are seated into top board
  • Custom 1” serrated flanged nuts (std. 11/16”)

XLT® Mats Advantages

The new XLT® Mat is 35% lighter than a regular access mat which helps with saving on trucking costs.

This kiln dried mat is non-absorbant and easy to clean. It is a high quality, long lasting solid top mat that has sheer strength. The solid flush top mat surface reduces the risk of noxious weed contamination.

No tripping hazards due to consistent board thickness and size eliminating the gap between 14' boards.

With this mat design and construction it makes it faster, easier and safer when handling mats with a skid steer or mat grapple - hoe.

Tighter fitting bolts mean less damage because no bolt heads are sticking out.

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