Environmental & Access Matting Solutions

Our line of matting is used for a variety of applications from roads to rig sites platforms and is proven to increase access to remote locations, protect sensitive terrain from damage and reduce reclamation costs.

Strad's Matting team provides a fully integrated rig mat and access mat solution by offering rental and purchase options with first-rate service. Our team is ready to handle the coordination of all project logistics and meet any oilfield, drilling or oil and gas project need.

Strad is proud to say all its products meet or exceed North American safety and environmental government regulations. Strad takes environmental stewardship seriously, from product deployment to waste disposal and site cleanup, Strad’s line of products work to minimize environmental impact while still maximizing project results and meeting operational excellence.

Below are listings of Strad’s key matting products, click to find out more about each product.

The WorkSafe Rig Mat&rsquo;s<sup>&reg;</sup> square end fits together tightly minimizing gaps. The close fit of the square ends makes the rig mat a safer platform to work on. WorkSafe Rig Mats®
The WorkSafe LT Rig Mat&reg;&nbsp;eliminates the need for internal steel that is used in traditional 3-beam and 4-beam rig mats. WorkSafe LT Rig Mats®
Strad's patented, steel-framed interlocking mats called SteelLock Interlocking Mats are constructed without nails, bolts or pins. SteelLock Interlocking Mats
Environmental and access matting provides an earth-friendly solution to getting equipment into remote locations without doing damage to sensitive ecosystems. Wood Mats
SteelLock LT is made with a cross laminated timber (CLT) core. SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats
Crane Mats can be used in a variety of matting applications including pipelines, construction, transmission lines, well-sites and environmental remediation. Crane Mats
Strad's new XLT&reg;&nbsp;Mat is composed of kiln dried fir lumber. XLT® Mats
Strad's&nbsp;Mobile Mat Wash Unit helps combat strict environmental concerns. Mobile Mat Washing Unit
Strad safety walkways provide great traction/grip for workers when conditions are wet or slippery. Safety Walkways
Strad&rsquo;s WebLock<sup>&reg;</sup>&nbsp;Composite Mat is designed to be lightest and toughest mat application existing in the oil and gas industry. WebLock® Composite Mats