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SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats

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Strad's newest mat, SteelLock LT, is the evolution of Strad's patented, steel-framed interlocking matting system. These mats are constructed without nails, bolts, pins or sharp edges and designed to eliminate tire damage while providing a durable base that will not pull apart.

SteelLock LT is made with a cross-laminated timber (CLT) core and offers the benefits of being lighter, more durable, water-resistant and cost effective. The panel of CLT used in the core for the new matting system is stronger and lighter than conventional matting products.

Tested rigorously, the SteelLock LT can handle the toughest of oilfield applications. SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats are used as a rig mat for platforms and construction sites, and for access roadways.

SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats Specifications

Size       8' x 20'
Thickness       4"
Weight       2070 lbs / mat
Load Capacity       72,000 + lbs / sq ft
Style       3 ply   

SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats Features

  • 3 ply mat
  • Patented interlocking ends
  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT) core
  • Steel-frame
  • Corner attachments

SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats Advantages

The lightweight design and water resistant properties of the CLT core offers customers a significant reduction in transport costs.

The SteelLock LT design is built with tires in mind to eliminate tire damage as there are no nails, bolts, pins or sharp edges.

The SteelLock LT is the only mat designed with corner attachments. This innovative design reduces the quantity of mats required on curved access roads, making it easier to navigate.

The interlocking design keeps mats in place and prevents them from pulling apart.

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