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WorkSafe Rig Mats®

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The WorkSafe Rig Mat® is the next generation of a safer-styled rig mat that is just as durable and reliable, but its square tube end provides a closer fit between mats. Eliminating the gap that exists between standard pipe end rig mats ensures a safer surface for people working in oil and gas, construction, special event and disaster recovery applications. WorkSafe Rig Mats® create a work platform for equal weight distribution and provide a clean, safe work area. They also allow for quick and safe rig ups and tear downs and prevent damage to the local environment while reducing lower reclamation costs.

WorkSafe Rig Mats® Specification


8' x 20' or 8' x 40' (*size customizable)




3500 lbs - 7000 lbs / rig mat

Load Capacity

35,000 + lbs / sq ft

WorkSafe Rig Mats® Features

  • 4 Beam - Heavy Duty Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 3 Beam - Standard Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 2 Beam - Camp or Walkway Mat
  • Steel wide flange construction
  • Pine or Spruce - regular or pressure treated wood
  • Lifting shackles and reinforced side lifting pockets
  • Customizable options - mouse hole, rate hole, fork deflectors, well center mats, etc.)
  • Patented square tube end
  • No transport or loading concerns

WorkSafe Rig Mats® Advantages

As a leading provider of rig mat and matting solutions, Strad's WorkSafe Rig Mats® are another example of our commitment to innovation.

Strad's patented square tube end minimizes the gap between rig mats creating a safer work surface. The design of the mat also includes lifting shackles and reinforced side lifting pockets that result in no transport or loading issues.

  • WorkSafe Rig Mat® - Runner-up Winner of "Best New HSE Technology" Award with New Technology Magazine (December 2011)

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