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WebLock® Composite Mats

*Products may vary by region.

Strad's WebLock® Composite Mat is a lightweight option to traditional rig mats. Built with a steel frame, WebLock® mats feature a webbed composite core versus a traditional steel-framed wood mat. WebLock® composite mats are built to be lower profile, stronger and durable for field use as either rig mats or access mats. WebLock® Composite Mats increase access to remote locations and protect sensitive terrain from damage. They also reduce reclamation costs, lower transport costs and are easy to set up on-site and tear down.

WebLock® Composite Mats Specifications


8.5' x 20'




1360 lbs

WebLock® Composite Mats Features

  • Optional ASTM E84 Class rating (flame retardant)
  • Tough traction surface
  • Insulated core
  • Steel-framed mat design with pipe ends or patented interlocking ends

WebLock® Composite Mats Advantages

Strad's WebLock® Composite Mats are lightweight, low profile, high strength and thermally insulating. Composite Mats are also durable and impact resistant with superior performance in all climates.

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