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SteelLock Interlocking Mats

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Strad's patented, steel-framed interlocking mats called SteelLock Interlocking Mats are constructed without nails, bolts or pins, and provide a durable base that will not pull apart. SteelLock access mats are mainly used for access roadways, but can also be used as a rig mat for platforms or construction sites. The SteelLock design increases access to remote locations, protects sensitive terrain from damage and reduces reclamation costs.

SteelLock Interlocking Access Mats Specifications


8' x 15'




2760 lbs / access mat

Load Capacity

35,000 + lbs / sq ft

SteelLock Interlocking Access Mats Features

  • Patented interlocking ends
  • Pine or Spruce - regular or pressure treated wood
  • Steel wide flange construction
  • Pivots at joints to accommodate grade
  • Corner attachment options

SteelLock Interlocking Mats Advantages

SteelLock is the only access mat in the industry with corner attachments that result in laying less access mats and makes it easier to navigate curves.

The SteelLock mats were built with tires in mind so there are no nails, bolts, pins or sharp edges that could result in tire damage.

The interlocking design keeps the mats in place and prevents them from pulling apart.

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