Manufacturing - Rig Mats & Access Mats

Our Manufacturing team is a global leader in the production of rig mats / matting boards and access mats. We are ready to assist customers with unique needs with a professional, in-house design and development team for product modifications or custom design on any product (rig mats, access mats, or equipment).

Strad is known for:

  • Being the largest rig mat / matting board manufacturer in North America with the most durable products
  • The fastest turnaround times on manufacturing orders; from concept to delivery 
  • Competitive pricing on superior products:
    • Rig Mats, SteelLock Interlocking Access Mats and Composite Mats 
  • Using lean manufacturing principles, Strad is capable of large-scale production
  • Winning customers with our quality, speed and cost-effective capabilities
  • The ability to fill custom manufacturing orders of rig mats and access mats
The WorkSafe Rig Mat&rsquo;s<sup>&reg;</sup> square end fits together tightly minimizing gaps. The close fit of the square ends makes the rig mat a safer platform to work on. WorkSafe Rig Mats®
The WorkSafe LT Rig Mat&reg;&nbsp;eliminates the need for internal steel that is used in traditional 3-beam and 4-beam rig mats. WorkSafe LT Rig Mats®
Strad's patented, steel-framed interlocking mats called SteelLock Interlocking Mats are constructed without nails, bolts or pins. SteelLock Interlocking Mats
SteelLock LT is made with a cross laminated timber (CLT) core. SteelLock LT Interlocking Mats
Strad safety walkways provide great traction/grip for workers when conditions are wet or slippery. Safety Walkways
Strad&rsquo;s WebLock<sup>&reg;</sup>&nbsp;Composite Mat is designed to be lightest and toughest mat application existing in the oil and gas industry. WebLock® Composite Mats