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EcoPond® Steel (EPS)

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EcoPond® Steel (EPS) is a fully engineered, modular steel tank that is built with multiple reinforced panels. The rectangular shape and design of the EPS is unique to other systems in that it can be easily configured to suit tighter locations and higher fluid capacity needs.

EcoPond® Steel (EPS) Specifications

EPS Footprint   Capacity  
Size (11 ft tall)   Feet   Meters   BBL    m3 
EPS11800  60' x 132'  18.3m x 40.2m  11,800  1,900
EPS14400  60' x 156'  18.3m x 47.5m  14,000  2,240
EPS16300  60' x 180'  18.3m x 54.9m  16,300  2,600
EPS18600  60' x 204'  183m x 62.2m   18,600  2,990

EcoPond® Steel (EPS) Features

  • Modular: each unit customized for your location and capacity needs
  • Engineered steel panel design
  • Industry innovation: exclusive rectangular design for use in limited space
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Insulated for heat retention, heat regulation and energy conservation
  • Tested rigorously and certified engineered tank

EcoPond® Steel (EPS) Advantages

The modular rectangular shape of the EPS can hold a larger capacity within a more efficient footprint than other circular frac-water management options.

Reduced impact with a smarter footprint and full containment, the reclamation costs are virtualy eliminated.

Strad is known for quality and service. We use our team for your complete installation and provide electronic monitoring for extra peace of mind.

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