Strad is a company committed to helping develop North America’s resources responsibly and safely. Every day we work to provide customers with superior products and exceed expectations. Our EcoPond® line was developed to address our customers growing concern of frac-water management. Instead of relying on truckloads of countless smaller tanks with huge setup costs, Strad engineered a  large water storage solution, EcoPond® Composite (EPC), that is designed to work safely, reduce environmental impact and lower completion costs.

Strad is proud to say all its products meet or exceed North American safety and environmental government regulations. Strad takes environmental stewardship seriously, from product deployment to waste disposal and site cleanup, Strad's line of products work to minimize environmental impact while still maximizing project results and meeting operational excellence.

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Our circular tanks (EPC) are built modular and easy to setup. EcoPond® Composite (EPC)