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DS - 38 Drill Pipe

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Double Shoulder™ (DS) Drill Pipe connections have significantly higher torsional capacity than the standard which is ideal for extended depth drilling. DS connections tolerate more OD wear and provide a versatile alternative to standard API connections where higher torsional strength is required yet, the DS are interchangeable with API connections.

The double-shouldered design of the DS provides a secondary internal shoulder on the nose of the pin providing an additional friction surface and mechanical stop.

Strad utilizes the highest standards of drill pipe, ensuring that all safety, performance and connection requirements are successfully met.

Drill pipe comes in a variety of sizes and grades.

DS - 38 Drill Pipe Features & Specifications

  • Sour service (gas containing H2S, CO2, or other acidic gases) drill pipe.
  • 4" SS - 105 grade drill pipe with 4" Tube OD (outer diameter) and Grant Prideco Double Shoulder (DS - 38) high torque connection, 15.70 lbs/ft (23.39 kg/m). 5" OD tool joint, 2 9/16" ID (inner diameter).
  • 3 1/2" CYX 95 (controlled yield X - 95) grade drill pipe with 3 1/2" IF (NC - 38) connection, 15.50 lbs/ft (23.09 kg/m). 5" OD on tool joint; 2 7/8" ID (inner diameter).

DS - 38 Drill Pipe Advantages

Strad offers premium equipment and is very focused on customer service. We pride ourselves on the fact we respond to customer requests promptly and efficiently.

New and used drill pipe is also available for purchase from Strad.

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