Strad Gulf Update
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Strad Oil Recovery Vacuum Barge Systems

Strad’s Environmental Solutions team designed and launched an oil recovery system to facilitate BP cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

Strad’s innovative Oil Recovery Vacuum Barge Systems were in operation for over five months and were comprised of high performance portable vac units, containment tanks, oil separation systems, FireCaddy™ Fire Suppression Systems and command centers.

The industrial/enterprise grade vacuums collected oil from 4″ off the surface of the water. This allowed for a high oil recapture rate with little water to process. In conjunction with water cleanup efforts, Strad used the portable vacuum system as an effective tool to collect oil that was washing up along the Louisiana coastline.

In total, Strad collected over 200,000 Gallons of oil; the highest cleanup amount of any entity working to facilitate the BP cleanup efforts in 2010. Strad’s system was considered a major asset of the unified command consisting of the US Coast Guard, Army National Guard, EPA and local government parishes.