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FireCaddy™ - Fire Suppression System on Barges

All of Strad’s Vacuum Barge Systems were outfitted with the FireCaddy™ Fire Suppression System.

FireCaddy™ is a highly effective fire protection system that is ideal for emergency situations in remote locations.

  • Mobile, easy to use, fast response time
  • Covers multiple class fires (Class A and B)

All FireCaddy™ units came equipped with FlameOut™. This foam is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable product that poses no threat to humans, animals, water systems or plant life.

FlameOut™ is up to 10 times more effective than water alone.

FlameOut™ approved and certified by:

  • USDA Forestry Services (5100-307)
  • US EPA `SNAP`Program — Halon Alternative
  • NFPA (10,18)
  • A UL Listed wetting agent for Class A and B fires (7P21)

Visit our Media Centre and view a video demonstration to see the effectiveness of FireCaddy™ and FlameOut™ in action.

Download our FireCaddy™ and FlameOut™ Brochure PDF