Environmental Solutions

At Strad, we take our commitment to stewardship of resources seriously. In fact, it’s at our company’s core as part of our Mission Statement. We are committed to delivering a better way to develop resources for an advancing world. We understand that satisfying the world’s demand for energy requires both conventional and unconventional resources, existing technology and new ideas. While we know we are a tiny piece of the puzzle, we are dedicated to the development of cost-effective solutions that help to minimize environmental impact and protect natural resources.

Strad offers a wide range of solutions to help our customers maximize results while minimizing impact. Our fleet of Environmental and Access Mats is instrumental in protecting sensitive areas, and enabling heavy equipment access with minimal disturbance. Our matting solutions include thermal mats, safety mats, temporary roadways and pads, containment, and zero-disturbance access mats. Our patented SteelLock Interlocking Mat is a keystone product with an incredible range of possible uses. Strad’s product range and depth of knowledge in this area are second to none.

Other environmental solutions can be found in our Surface Equipment Solutions segment and includes fluid management as well as waste and spill containment systems. Strad’s Solids Control and Waste Management solution offers the next generation of closed-loop, zero discharge centrifuge systems. 

Strad intends to continue to build our capability in other sensitive areas and improve our ability to assist customers in the access of resources in the most efficacious means possible.