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Strad values the connections we establish with our customers, suppliers and contractors within key market segments within the energy industry. Our success is the result of building relationships that exceed expectations by providing the right equipment rentals, people and support to work safely, responsibly and efficiently on any project.


In the last decade, horizontal drilling has led to more equipment intensity on well-sites. Strad provides an extensive range of surface equipment rentals needed to support a drilling program from start to finish. Our surface equipment lineup specializes in fluid management systems with the setup and take down of tanks farms. Our matting lineup is also used for a variety of oilfield applications from access roads to rig site platforms with in-house manufacturing capabilities available. We also offer a comprehensive range of drill pipe and handling tools to assist with all drilling requirements such as critical sour service drilling and extended reach drilling. In the U.S. our closed-loop, zero discharge solids control and waste management systems are also a vital part of the modern drilling operation and are proven to maximize separation efficiency, lower costs, reduce dilution volumes and meet all safety standards.

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Multi-stage fracturing is another area that requires more equipment support than ever before. In addition to supplying our surface equipment and matting product lines, we engineered an above ground large fluid containment system that allows our customers to work safely, reduce environmental impact, and lower completions costs. Our EcoPond® tanks come in a range of sizes to fulfill project and lease site requirements. The EcoPond® Composite (EPC) tanks are a greener solution with a smaller footprint that removes 50+ trucks from the road for a single well completion.

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Energy Infrastructure

Strad serves the energy infrastructure sector by specializing in projects relating to power, pipelines, and facilities. Our wood access mats, rig mats, crane mats and mobile mat washing unit provide solutions in difficult terrain, muskeg or environmentally sensitive areas where minimal ground disturbance is required. In addition to matting, Strad can offer surface equipment like tanks, bins, and light towers to help get the job done.

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